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Tram route 8 (Antwerp) - Wikipedia tram in antwerpen
Tram map of Antwerpen. Download, print and take it with you to your trip The actual dimensions of the Antwerpen map are 950 X 719 pixels, file size (in bytes) - 31164. You can open, download and print this detailed map of Antwerpen by clicking on the map itself or via this link: Open the map.

Antwerp Tram - 2021 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go
Tram route 8 is a tram route in Antwerp and nearby Wommelgem. The present day route was opened on 8 December 2019 connecting the Astrid premetro station with the Wommelgem Roundabout (Dutch: " Rond punt van Wommelgem ") P+R.

Tram route 5 (Antwerp) - Wikipedia tram in antwerpen
You can check the tram in Antwerp. 0:00 : Tram / PCC (1+1 cars) 0:08 : Tram / Ermine (5 cars) 0:09 : Tram / Albatross (5 cars) 0:24 : Tram / Ermine (5 cars)

Tram route 1 (Antwerp) - Wikipedia
The Antwerp tramway network (Dutch: het Antwerpse tramnet) is a network of tramways forming part of the public transport system in Antwerp, a city in the Flemish Region of Belgium. The network is operated by the Flemish region's transportation company De Lijn.

Tram route 3 (Antwerp) - Wikipedia
Tram Route 10 (briefly Tram Route 11) is a tram route in Antwerp and nearby Wijnegem. Tram route 10 entered operation in 1873, making it one of the oldest tram routes still active in Antwerp, next to Tram Route 4 (Antwerp) and Tram Route 7 (Antwerp).

PCC trams in Antwerpen - YouTube
Tram route 5 is a tram route in Antwerp running from Linkeroever to Wijnegem that is operated by the Flemish transport company De Lijn.The modern route was put into service on March 4, 2006, initially connecting Linkeroever with Deurne.The tram route uses the Antwerp pre-metro between the stations Van Eeden and Schijnpoort. On April 14, it was extended from the Wim Saerensplein in Deurne to

Trams in Antwerpen - YouTube
HermeLijn (Ermine) is the nickname of a number of series of low-floor trams of the Flemish transport company De Lijn, serving on the tram networks of Antwerp, Ghent and (especially in summer) on the Flemish coast tram line Deliveries of HermeLijn trams began in1999 introducing low-floor vehicles to Antwerp.

Tram in Antwerp - YouTube
The Antwerp premetro tram route 3 is a tram route connecting Merksem with Melsele in the city of Antwerp.The route is operated by the Flemish transport company De Lijn and historically also by its Antwerp predecessor, MIVA (Maatschappij Intercommunaal Vervoer Antwerpen).

Splendid Transport System - Antwerp Tram, Antwerp tram in antwerpen
In 2018, because of roadworks, tramline 9 had to do service between p&r Wommelgem and p&r Linkeroever Antwerp. Before that, this line drove between Silsburg

Public transport - Visit Antwerpen tram in antwerpen
Een compilatie van de in Antwerpen rijdende trams. De video is gemaakt op 30 augustus 2014.

Antwerp Trams - Simplon Postcards
The Tram system is excellent and a good way to get around, the central area stations are mainly underground with the outer stations on ground level. there are numerous lines and it is normally a frequent service.

Tram route 9 (Antwerp) - Wikipedia tram in antwerpen
Tram route 1 has already existed in the past from September 2 1902 until July 14 1965, running on a comparable North-South trajectory as the current line, between the Antwerpen-Zuid passenger railway station and Antwerpen-Dokken en -Stapelplaatsen cargo station. In 1902, it was the first electrified tram route in Antwerp, and consequently it received the number 1. During the

Antwerp bus and tram map | tram in antwerpen
Tram line 3 in Antwerp is one of the longer tram lines. She goes from P&R Zwijndrecht to P&R Merksem. The trams you find on this line are Siemens trams (Herm

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